Shalom has eighteen years of mediation experience and is skilled at mediating conflicts, offenses and broken relationships in the following areas:

    • Family
    • Divorce
    • Business
    • Group
    • VORP (Victim Offender/Reconciliation Program) – Making Things Right! A Restorative Justice Approach

As mediation becomes a more viable and effective option for judges, prosecuting attorneys, and probation departments the need for quality mediators increases. Our trained, experienced and professional staff will provide you with all you need to become a vital asset to the mediation services Shalom provides the courts and people of NW Ohio.

What the training involves:
•Basic mediation training at our Archbold office
•Volunteer screening
•Paring with an experienced mediator
•Court referred cases
•Resources materials, support, supervision and accountability
•Continuing education and advanced mediation training opportunities

Call Allen Rutter: 419-445-1552