Pornography Pamphlet

Dealing With Pornography

Inside this brochure you will read a personal story of someone who has struggled with the addiction as well as receive helpful information regarding ….

What is pornography and the many forms in which it is propagated in today’s culture?
The addictive nature of pornography

You may be addicted to pornography if:

    • You are unable to resist looking at it.
    • You are preoccupied or obsessed with it.
    • You have failed in your efforts to stop using it….

Pornography, the Bible, and the Christian story
The first chapter of the Bible reveals that God created human beings, both male and female, in God’s own image. God declared them to be “very good” (Genesis 1:26, 31). In calling people to be fruitful and multiply, God declared human sexuality to be good…..

Steps toward healing

  1. Acknowledge that you need help. Breaking the hold of an addiction involves an admission of its control over your life.
  2. Tell your spouse and/or other trusted loved ones. One of the powers of an addiction is in its secret nature; breaking the secret will be difficult, since it carries a deep sense of shame….
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