Spouse Abuse

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Dealing With Spouse Abuse

For those being hurt by their intimate partners physically, sexually, or emotionally.

Inside this pamphlet you will readthe storyof one woman’s struggle as she breaks silence and moves toward healing.

Inside this pamphlet you will learn whatspouse abuse is in the physical, emotional, sexual, financial and spiritual realms.

Inside this pamphlet you will be given a reality check on how much and where spouse abuse takes place and it’s impact on the family and society.

Inside this pamphlet you will be given an opportunity to reflect on abuse, the Bible and the Christian story.

Inside this pamphlet you will read six steps toward freedom and healing.

Inside this pamplet you will be givenhelp forseeking additional information and resources regarding this painful issue.

Ways to use this pamphlet:

  • Offer them and discuss the them in pastoral care visits.
  • Display them in counseling office, churchfoyers, or public places.
  • Give them to loved ones of those whosuffer, so they can be informed.
  • Give them as conversation-starters for adult education or support groups.
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