Shalom offers a number of Parenting Resources and Parenting Workshops


Parent Project is a program that began in California 25 years ago.  While the program was originally designed to give parents ideas for dealing with the difficult child, the program is helpful to all parents.  Communication is key to success in any relationship and especially important in families; the course deals with this issue.  Parent Project is designed to help understand the development of children, the skills necessary for healthy family life, and techniques that work for discipline.

There are two different programs: Parent Project Senior for the Jr. and Sr. High child, and Parent Project Jr. which is designed to help the elementary child.  Both are designed with a similar format, but are age and developmentally and appropriate.  The biggest difference is that the Sr. class lasts for 10 weeks and includes the topics of gangs, runaways, and drugs while the Jr. class is just 7 weeks. Both are designed to meet once a week for 2 hours and is facilitated by a certified Parent Project leader.

Call us and let us know if you are interested in a parenting class for you our a group.  The next class to be determined.  Give us a call and register for the next class.    419-445-1552, 419-636-1713 or email Shirley at